putting my grands to work

Does anyone really care what an eighty year old person does or thinks? Well, I guess my kids do. They call me when life is exciting or different for them. They tell me what my grandchildren are doing. And the ones who live near by drop in with a chore they are wiliing to do (pressure wash the front fence, work on the dock) or decide where we will have lunch on Saturday.
As for what I do…. I had my two little grands perform child labor a week or so ago and had them take out all my yarn boxes for me to sort through. They did it in record time and asked what else they could do. Little did I know that a great source of labor is so near. And yes, I paid them! Labor prices are somewhat different from when I performed child labor. My sister and I washed the windows at the Cape house one summer and were offered ten cents a window.  Needless to say, we got into arguements. So we pleaded, and got a raise, ten cents for each side. That way we could watch eachother through the window and avoid the chatter.
When a hurricane hit the Cape one fall, we were paid a penny a nail for all the nails we could find in the sand near where the barn collapsed. (That was very boring work as I recall. Washing windows is more fun when you can make faces at your sister and write notes on the panes and then wash them away.
So I will continue to knit until my hands hurt and dream up more quilts to make with the mounds of fabric in my basement. I suppose some day I need to employ that child labor to help me weed through the fabric, but I have to finish with the yarn first. That may take months!

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5 Responses to putting my grands to work

  1. Julie Crain says:

    I bet they love doing chores for you, too!

  2. Tam says:

    Your blessed to have your kids call you and share their lives willingly. It’s wonderful to have volunteers to help out, too. I’ve looked for your posts, maybe not hard enough. Glad to read what you are doing now. You always had such family fun posts in the past. What are you knitting and what patterns of fabric haunt you to do something with them? Love the stories of child labor.

  3. Donna Smith says:

    Child labor is not used enough! They will love that they worked with you and have some great memories of those days! I’m so happy to be reading you again.
    Donna Smith
    The A-to-Z Challenge
    Mainely Write

  4. mgminer says:

    My children loved to go do things for my parents. It gave them a sense of connectedness that nothing else could match. Lucky kids to have you in their lives:). By the way, I LOVED the button quilt!

  5. Haddon Musings says:

    I always enjoy your posts. Please don’t think for one minute that what you have to say is not important. I need my grands to get a little older before I can employ them. Can’t wait.

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