just thinkin’

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hWe had lunch out last week and the very young waitress hung around after asking if our meal was “tasting fine.” It was a beautiful sunny day, which is rare around here , so she asked if we had plans for the afternoon. My answer was that we were going to the grocery store. Not exactly something fun for a sunny day. She hung around a little longer, so I told her Sea would read his book in the car.
And this brought to mind a story which I told her as she was still standing there smiling.
I am a quilter, and visit any and all quilt shops even if I have no reason to buy one more inch of fabric. I stopped by a favorite shop one day when we lived on Cape Cod. Two ladies were chatting with the owner as I wandered around and petted the fabric. Suddenly two huge men emerged from the small room set aside for visiting children. “Got it all sorted,” they said. “Looks pretty nice now.”
I had seen this room before filled with kids toys and usually in disarray. The owner smiled and thanked the two men.
“Every quilt shop should have a book store or a hardware store next door.” That was my addition to the conversation and got a huge nod of agreement from the two couples.
“And the grocery store,” said one of the wives.
“Oh,” I asked, “What do they do when you go to the grocery store?”
“They push each other around the parking lot in the carts,” was the answer.
So I repeat my suggestion and add yarn shops to the list…. a hardware store or a book shop. Lets keep those men happy so we can enjoy ourselves.

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  1. Your thinking makes sense to me, too!

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