labor of love

From Amelia, daughter to Fran – author of this blog:

So mom, I let you know a month or so ago that I wanted a new quilt.  The one you made for me when we moved here 7 years ago is beginning to have frayed seams.  Besides, it’s always fun to think about what a new quilt might look like in a bedroom.

You asked what colors – and what pattern – and we exchanged pictures found on the internet went to quilt stores together as a part of our regular Saturday outings.

I think you found you had bit off a bit more than you really wanted to chew – I like a bit of drape on a Queen sized quilt and the pattern I ended up with has a lot of pieces to put together to come out 100″ square!

After a few orders of fabric, a few trials of patterns and color combinations, I think you – and me – came up with a winner.  Thanks mom.  Looks good on your bed, I can hardly wait to try it on mine. quilt

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2 Responses to labor of love

  1. Katie #3 says:

    Very pretty – I like the movement.

  2. mrssurridge says:

    That is beautiful. What a labor of love. I’m sure your quilt will warm you like no other. Enjoy!

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