more snow

More snow… and it is March.
Well, someday a million years from now when I am hanging over my cloud checking up on my great,great, great, great, great…….. grand kids, someone will discover that my cockamamie idea is true. I took physics in high school and in college and learned that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus, when they send rockets into space from Florida or Texas or other parts of the world, the earth has a miniscule reaction. I know… I’m nuts, but it as good an excuse as any. That is why there is snow further south than when I lived there.

Stir Crazy quilt is growing

Stir Crazy quilt is growing

As I stay home and rework my “Stir Crazy” quilt because it is too icy to go outside, I will maintain the truth of my insanity.
I taught school in Bellingham for many years, and every year promised my class that, if it snowed, we would go outside and enjoy it. I made that promise remembering my high school English teacher, Mrs. Peckham. She was a very tough teacher. There was no fooling around in her class, but one morning it started to snow… heavily. This was in Worcester, Mass where snow isn’t that unusual, but there was a new student in this class. Sue was from Florida. Sue stared out the window at the white flakes falling heavily and we all watched her. This was something new, very new. What was snow like? Mrs. Peckham watched her too and long before the bell rang for the end of class, she sent us all outside to introduce snow to Sue.
I know snow was not unusual in Bellingham, but watching the flakes fall, and sticking out your tongue to catch them and trying to roll a snow ball…. we all need to do that once in a while. I even told my Florida students we would go outside to enjoy the snow if we had any. They knew it was a useless promise, 40 years ago. Now, well maybe not so futile. And if we send off any more rockets, Florida will be snowbound all winter and Washington state can have year round spring. (not hot, just warm please… I will be sending my directions from cloud nine.)

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