my take on her word

My thoughts on “Weave,” daughter Amelia’s one little word for 2014..
There was a time
I really wanted to weave
To make a place mat or scarf
I learned the hard part
setting up the loom
the rest is easy
in and out
over and under
under and over
life is the same
setting up the loom
is the hard part
the rest is in and out, up and down
under and over, over and under

Weave, the ins and outs of life
working with three and four year olds
listening to a daughter  finishing college
moving on to a career or —
working with staff, at school, at church
Driving the road to work
in and out of traffic
Driving home, in fog or sun or rain or snow
bare roads or slippery roads
traffic of cars and trucks and semis
Home again to what faces one at home
the food, the cleaning, the laundry,
to people at home
weaving through life at a fast pace
or a slow pace, or no pace..

Dealing with elderly parents and what they face—
The  ins and outs of life
Some aches and pains
some joys and remembering
and telling their stories
of their weaving
the same but different

It is a good word- weaving
I have put it into action
as I quilt  another top
as I knit another mitten
as I write of my past
and remember my weaving days
of school and home,
of staff and friends
and wonder as we all do
of what lies in the future
am I finished with the hard part?

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4 Responses to my take on her word

  1. Kim K says:

    I love the flow of this poem and the multiple meanings that could be construed from just one little word….

  2. Tara Smith says:

    I don’t think we’re ever done with the hard part, but I think that how we set up the loom makes it just a tiny bit easier.

  3. glimpse of something says:

    Such a great way to look at life, weaving through in the ins and outs, everyday with everything that we do. The hard part continues, but it is the special way that we weave through life that makes it a little bit easier.

  4. spillarke says:

    I love how you frame the ins and outs. The weft and the heft of day-to-day. Such a positive word, weave.

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