the tree is up and…..

IMG_1829The tree is up. It lives in the basement, fully decorated with a plastic bag over it. Sea brought it up a few days ago, placed it on the table and plugged in the lights. Toy Santas and bears surround the tree. The stockings are hung on the fireplace. Christmas cards are arriving. We are ready. Well, sort of.

The little girls are in New Zealand and won’t be back until February so we will not have the little kids that make Christmas so much fun. But we will have family. We sent a special note to Santa telling him we are opening stockings Christmas eve. I know, for a fact, that he is already at work on that. The grown up families have other family members to spend the day with so we will have them for the evening.

IMG_1830Santa may be ready for the family near by, but I am madly filling requests for the little girls when they return. I will have a cat quilt and a dog quilt, backed in fleece for them to cuddle under when they return to the cold Northwest for the rest of the winter. And I  might even have the sweater requests ready as well. I’d better get busy. February really isn’t that far away when you are sewing quilts and knitting stitches.

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3 Responses to the tree is up and…..

  1. blkdrama says:

    Sounds like you are on your way to Christmas! Enjoy!

  2. You Otterbees are amazingly well prepared. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Tara says:

    You are busy – and I can tell how much you are looking forward to February. Happy holidays!

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