something tells me…

Some thing tells me Christmas is coming. I have seen the TV ads. The stores have been decorated so long by the time the real day comes they will be old and worn out. My little girls have assured me Santa will find them in New Zealand where they will be for the next two months. (I wish I were going too.) Lists are navigating around among the family and I find I need to get busy if I am going to make all the things I intend to make before THE day…

star 1star 2Last week the Otterbees learned how to make an ornament, folding fabric into a star. I made my sample in paper and we all decided we could use paper to make it as well.

Two of our family birthdays occurred right before Thanksgiving, and my other two kids will have birthdays in the weeks before Christmas. What a busy time of year.

Whew… better get to work

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2 Responses to something tells me…

  1. What kind of ornament did you make? Nice that you are taking time for your creative side inspite of what sounds like a very busy schedule.

  2. Ellen Spears says:

    Sounds like you are making memories.

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