of heart beats and heart throbs

You are never too old to learn something new.

I followed message #1 this week. I listened to my body and called ER… Six tall handsome men arrived at my house at 6:30 AM in the morning and assured me my pacemaker was really OK but that they would cart me off to the hospital anyway.

With numerous little sticky circles attached to my body and a heart machine within my view happily showing my heart rhythm, I rode the bumpy ride away from home. I watched out the rear window as the driver made a wrong turn to get out of our little road off a dead end. I learned why a  road near by had not been repaved when the adjoining road was resurfaced, leaving the old part getting bumpier. I heard about the mens 24 hour shifts and saw the road near by where one lived. I waved at “the chief” or at least he said it was the chief.

I learned that the current testing system in the school has been extended to the ER guys. They have a list of questions and when asking for your answer, if you don’t give them the same wording as choice a, b, or c they aren’t sure which to check. (This guy was accustomed to writing out the answer.)

I was whisked into the ER rooms and met nurses and aides and interns and doctors with name tags labeling them all. All of them smiling and greeting me and reattaching various sticky tags and wires off and on and off again as a heart monitor beeped and I was assured nothing was wrong. Three cheers for all those men and women who made a scared old lady feel better about this thing new thing attached to my heart…. MY HEART!

I also have learned how to put on shirt a new way so as not to put my arm above my head. And I have learned about press-and seal… a sticky wrap to put over my wound so as not to get it wet. The list goes on—
but  probably most important… I have  learned that my husband does not want to be woken up so early in the morning with me surrounded by six tall handsome young men!

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One Response to of heart beats and heart throbs

  1. I love your sense of humor and curiosity even in tough circumstances! Also, love that you are thinking about all that you noticed and learned — I can only hope that I would be so thoughtful on my way to the ER!

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