what I have learned since last Monday…

I have learned a lot in the last week. I have learned to listen to your body when it behaves strangely and don’t procrastinate in calling a doctor even if she is a new one and not the wonderful doctor who has taken care of you since moving back here.

The new doctor ordered a heart monitor. Then the heart doctor ordered a pace maker which, by the time my daughter has loaded this blog entry, will be done and over and I will be back home, knitting and sewing and watching the ever-so exciting TV. I will have had a chat with all my kids and be happy that I finally broke down and called a Doc….

message # 1 do not procrastinate

message # 2 enjoy what you’ve got

message # 3 you still have to get rid of stuff!!!!

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3 Responses to what I have learned since last Monday…

  1. Dana Murphy says:

    Oh my – sounds like calling the doctor was the exact right thing to do!

  2. neenslewy says:

    Thanks for the messages 🙂

  3. When in doubt always see a Doc

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