knit one, purl two, hat for one, mitts for two

My two little grand daughters attend a Waldorf school. I am finding it very interesting to learn about their school. I taught grades 1-2-3 and combinations of those grades. I don’t think I ever had a day I didn’t want to go into that classroom and face those smiling faces, but I never taught them how to knit.

My daughter-in law put forth a plea to me. The second graders need a knitting helper. These little ones learned to knit in grade one. They made flute cases. This year they are making little lambs. It is all knitting but they have to cast off and cast on and count rows (bumps) before the cast off or cast on routine. Stitches are sometimes dropped or doubled. I know all about that.
Years ago I had  Brownie who was left handed who wanted to learn how to knit. I taught myself how to work left handed and gave Amy what was the best try I could do. I wonder if she knits today.

I finally realized knitting is a very ambidextrous activity, so later I taught a friend of my son, who was left handed how to knit— right handed.

Now I am helper in a class of 18 eager learners. I watched when I sat in the back of the class wondering how helpful I would really be. In front of me was a left handed boy writing and drawing with his left hand. I tried to recall what I did when I taught Amy, but was relieved when we took him his needles and yarn and he proceeded to work as a “righty”.

It took a moment to find out how the teacher worked, how to help, what words were used to cast off…. “leap frog stitch”. Then we were on our way. Hands went up when help was needed and she or I came to the rescue. Finally the time was up, the needles were stuck into the yarn ball and we collected them to be brought out next week. We stood and played “head shoulders knees and toes” to limber up for lunch.

I will return tomorrow. Phoebe didn’t mind my being there though she was certainly surprised when  I showed up on the first day.
Oh… (in reference to last week’s blog entry…) One pair of mittens and a hat disappeared so fast I forgot to take a picture. The second pair of mittens is ready and a sweater started.
and I return to grade two tomorrow to be a helper to those smiling faces.IMG_4699  IMG_1759

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3 Responses to knit one, purl two, hat for one, mitts for two

  1. Being a grandmother, I loved this slice. Funny, I think we are writing similar blogs. Bernadette

  2. janemartyn says:

    Your knitting is beautiful!! Makes me want to learn even more. Those children are lucky to have you 🙂

  3. My knitting was never to successful, my tension was to tight. You win some and loose some! The school kids have gotten a real winner. I adored the child in the hat and mittens. Have fun your perfect as. A instructor! Marge

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