The fairy tale quilt is done and on route to the school. I am back to my usual work on parts and pieces of previous starts…… And knitting.
But the big event this week will be a huge fix of the down stairs.  Just before we went out of town, the plumbing erupted in our basement…. Big time! What a mess! The only good thing about it was that we were here. Had it happened two days later, we would have been en-route and who knows how soon one of our kids would have discovered it, or what they could or would have done about it.
We got cleaned up, more or less, and took off for the Baltic trying to forget the whole mess.  Now we are home and the contractor starts tomorrow repairing the damage. I have moved  my fabric stash, and covered my yarn stash, hoping it will survive the dust and mess of replacing wallboard and flooring and getting the bathroom back to a usable facility. I will remain by my sewing machine and knitting needles, assuming I have enough to keep my busy while the repairs are done .
And if you can hear my children laughing across the country, it is because I have enough projects lying around to keep me busy for another hundred years… And .. they know I am not kidding!

ps from your editor – mom, you will be doing another kind of plumbing – “plumbing” the depths of your stash

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One Response to plumbing

  1. Of course you have crafts to last a lifetime…but plumbing the depths of your stash will allow you to reprioritize what you NEED and WANT to do! Good luck!

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