fairy tale quilt

finished fairy tale quiltIt was my idea. I suggested it. I stuck my neck out and now I am paying for it, (and to be honest,) I am enjoying it.

Summer school at Amelia’s school is called summer camp and includes anyone one from grade 2 to 4, and she gets to be one of the camp directors. I loved hearing about their activities. They incorporated fairy tales in with their math, reading and writing activities. I was reminded of one year as a third grade teacher, when I learned that my students were not familiar with classic fairy tales. I was surprised as this was a private school with students from a fairly wealthy background. They knew the TV variety but not the old standards.

I brought in my heavy volume and started at page one and read the tales. I encouraged writing their own tales, and this was what the summer camp did as well.
So I made a suggestion: send me the pictures the kids have drawn and I will make a wall hanging of fairy tales.

The pictures have come. The kids are back at  school and my homework has just begun. I have a lot of castles, a surprising number and variety of ogres and gruesome characters. I have several princesses but not too many “good guys”. I enlisted my two little grandchildren, the same ages of 8 to 10, to add to my collection and the project is in progress.

It is taking longer than I thought it would but I am having fun.

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2 Responses to fairy tale quilt

  1. dmurphy2013 says:

    What a creative project! Glad you’re having fun!

  2. Marge Lydecker says:

    All of this brings back memories of our quilting together! If I had been there I would have volunteered to help. Fabulous idea. Marge

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