back from the Baltic


We have returned from a cruise in the Baltic. It was a great trip. The only problem with far away travels is the plane rides to and from. But in time, that memory will fade and I will remember the side trips, the scenery, and the way too fancy accommodations and meals on board the ship.

teaI  took notes as we cruised along. I also drew pictures on my new mini iPad. My sketches improved as we sailed along and my note taking became sparser. As I review what I wrote, I find it is the people I found more interesting than buildings or views. I made notes of dinner companions, knitters and quilters from New Zealand or Australia, teachers from various places, woodworkers who took up the hobby in retirement. Most of the people were retired. Many had traveled the world and some were just starting out on travel adventures.

top sideI enjoyed some of the tour guides who gave me the impressions of their growing up in an area of fast changing history. I found my own knowledge of the history of the era lacking. I recall my middle school geography teacher having us color in spaces on a map of Europe. I loved using the different colored pencils to show the changes in the European countries as wars changed boundary lines. I admit, the reasons for those changes eluded me. But on this trip I heard from people who lived through the communist era and felt the change in their lives directly. I was reminded of my youth during WW II and how it affected me…. but minimally since it only meant a move to a new place not war in my own back yard. And while those events were occurring in Europe, I was happily raising my children here at home, untroubled by the changes occurring elsewhere.

I am glad to be home. My quilt group came the next day and reminded me how important friends are and my two little grandchildren came to tell me their first day of school was thumbs up.

All is well in my world, and I wish it could be the same for all the world.

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2 Responses to back from the Baltic

  1. Terje says:

    It’s good to return home. I can see you were in Tallinn. It’s a pity I didn’t know. I would have come and greeted you. Maybe I should post my email on my blog, so SOL people cruising to this side of the world could contact me. Maybe one day you will include one blue, black, white square into one of your quilts as a piece of Estonia (colors of our flag).

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