yarn stash bash

yarn mess I am taking a trip in two weeks….. but the local yarn store has a stash busting sale…     “bring in your yarn, bag it, label it, price it,” and they will sell it and give me (or rather Amelia) 75% of the take. The rest goes to a volunteer place where knitters will make hats, mittens and baby things for people in need. What a deal!

So what am I doing? I am scrounging around in my basement storage and pulling out mounds of yarn. I don’t wear wool out here in the rainy northwest. My wool is stacked from the days I lived in the east. The real story is that I have knit all my life and those 6 years I lived in Florida were frustrating because I could not knit wool sweaters and the kids wore washable sweaters, so when I moved north again I went way overboard buying yarn… wool yarn.

The sale happens while I am gone. Too bad  😦 I won’t be able to say goodbye to my wool…..  but will be so happy it has found a home, somewhere.

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2 Responses to yarn stash bash

  1. Jaana says:

    What a wonderful idea to get rid of yarn I don’t need! I just might share this with some of my knotting friends. Here in mi it has been cool enough this summer that I have been able to knit when ever I have felt like tit.

  2. Judy Curtiss says:

    Excellent way to clean out your stash. I sometimes think that my yarn grows in the bins they are stored in, but I have been using most of my yarn to make prayer shawls for our Hospice House.

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