a mother-daughter slice

Note from editor daughter, Amelia: Mom sent these pics to me as a “slice.”  They say pictures can be worth a thousand words – maybe.  I’ll say these pictures speak to the continued spark and dedication to craft my mom exercises on a daily basis.  I visit her at least once a week and always find some new quilt project being cut and put up on her fuzzy wall for consideration.
The pictures here are of a quilt requested by my niece, Sarah, when she visited in June.  She wanted something green and found a design she liked.  My mom went to her stash – most of it in the basement, but she also has boxes and drawers of fabric all over the house – and she began to make piles of lights and darks before cutting and counting out the triangles.  When I visited her on Sunday, I found her making sure she had stacks of 40 triangles for each part of the pattern.  She sent these pictures on Monday so I now know how she spent most of that day.

beginning a new quilt

beginning a new quilt

and one corner is up on the wall

and one corner is up on the wall

The other thing to know about my mom is that she loves to play draw little pictures.  Instead of just writing a note to my dad like “out to buy groceries,” she makes a little sketch.  I introduced her to the Notability app on her ipad mini and she has been sending me her version of a “texting,” a sketch like this one:

  My 80 year old mom is one busy lady.

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One Response to a mother-daughter slice

  1. I love it. So happy to see you create together. The quilt is so beautiful. She has a pallet of fabric like people have a pallet of paint.

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