savoring a sight

I went down to the basement a few days ago. I don’t go down there often. All the appliances I need are on the main floor. The basement houses my fabric and yarn and an exercise bike that gives me a a bad conscience every time I look at it. I have used it… but not often.

It wasn’t the bike, glaring at me, that took my attention this time, it was the two dolls that have taken up residence in the basement; one sound asleep by the book case, and the other keeping watch in the rocking rowboat.

house 1 house 2

Two little girls come to play occasionally and they love American Girl dolls. I have given them the few I had but have kept here the ones that are not the bonifide American girls. They had to have something to play with when they visit, and I can see the girls have made them suitable homes looking so cute I am not even going to make them pick them up.

What fun. This era will pass all too soon.

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2 Responses to savoring a sight

  1. blkdrama says:

    We have dolls that live in the basement. Long stretches of time have gone by, but every so often someone visits who finds them and takes them out for playtime. Good to hold on to them, don’t you think?

  2. elle1955 says:

    You remind me of my girls when they were young at play. Those were glorious days.

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