of mania and mission

I collect fabric (and yarn). I have a huge selection of finished quilts, some wall size and fewer that are bed size. My kids have quilts. Their kids have quilts and if a great-grand should happen, there will be quilts for him or her. I have sent quilt tops  to the local quilt guild for babies in need at the local hospital. They finish them. I have sent tops to quilts of valor for veterans. I love making them… the tops. I am not as good at finishing them…. so I have a basement full of UFOs… unfinished quilts waiting for someone …. not sure who.

Youngest daughter was here a week ago. This is the daughter that does not have children of her own, that enjoys being an aunt to the kids her siblings have and to her husband’s nieces and nephews and friends who have kids, but doesn’t have the piles of quilts her siblings have acquired through their children.  On a whim, I suggested she search my quilt stash and see if she wanted anything there. She has a small house… two beds…. and came down from the closet pile with no less than 5 bed sized quilts and a few small ones. UPS will deliver them sometime this week.

Youngest daughter also loves to cull through my fabric stash and make a pile of what she likes.. what will match the paint in her newly painted spare room. We have a paint sample to make sure it is right. She sent wall measurements for wall quilts……sia's bed

I have a new mission. The fabric is piled on my sewing table. Patterns she liked are with the pile and my brain is on over ride.

To compound  my fabric mania, I spent the last two days at the local quilt shop helping out during their shop hop. All the quilt shops down the west coast of Washington participate in an annual quilt shop hop. People arrive with “passports” to stamp and prizes are offered for those visiting with many or most of the shops on the list. They arrive in groups…. 5-6 at a time, papers in hand and leave with an envelope containing the shop’s pattern and a few pieces of the selected fabric. On display is the sampler quilt showing all the blocks submitted by the shops and, of course, ready cut bundles of the fabric in case they want to make the whole quilt.

My stamping table was at the far end of the shop so the ladies, and a surprising number of men, have to walk the length of the shop past all that wonderful fabric. The counter where purchases were made was continually busy. I was exhausted at the end of my mornings, but I met some wonderful people who all had the same love of fabric.

And I sat across from the blue and green batiks with a color card of the paint in Sia,s new room and went home with curtain fabric for the windows, and a little more to add to the future quilt pile Sia assembled.

What a shame: more fabric in my stash and more quilts to make.   🙂

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