nothing will stop Sea – tea and pee in England

another writing prompt from my sister, Mary:
“Another time you and Sea planned a trip on the Queen Elizabeth II ship to England.  The ship canceled the trip so Sea had to start all over again making plans.  You asked me to go with you and I loved the idea and joined you in England.  What a great time we had seeing the sights around England and shopping in Edinburgh for yarn.”

I remember that well. Our kids were all grown and out of the house. It was time for us to travel and see the world. Sea  contacted a travel agent and the plans were perfect. We would sail the QE II to England. We would go to the crew races at the Henley Regatta. All the plans were settled, hotels and all. Then the call from the agents brought it all to an end. The QE II was to be in dry dock for repairs at that time.
Oh,,, so we fly to London was Sea’s response, and pick up on the plans from there. Well, it seems when the QE II went into dry-dock all the other plans were canceled as well; the hotels, the special tickets to the Henley regatta…. all of it gone,
Nothing will stop Sea when he wants to see boat races. More chatter with the agent and the plans were revised. The three of us flew to London. We stayed at a very fancy hotel with 6 elevator doors in each hallway. We would push the button for an elevator and then the three of us would each stand by a door to see which one would open for us, and watch the many foreign guests, waiting as well, smile quietly at our foolish game.
We were no longer booked into the fancy “enclosure” for the regatta but we could get tickets to the regatta where the plain old folks watched. As the boats cruised down the Henley, Sea watched the races and Mary and I watched the people. Fancy hats, fancy clothes, men and women, and every once in a while Sea would direct our attention to the boats. We were right next to the fancy enclosure we might have attended but we had the tea pavilion and the rest rooms on our side. We watched the fancy people as they came to tea and pee.
We rode a train to Edinburgh… and yes , Mary and I bought yarn…. I wonder if I even finished what I bought there. It is too long ago to remember.
It did start a trend in our travels. We have made many trips in small ships around the world and Mary got to travel as well in time.
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1 Response to nothing will stop Sea – tea and pee in England

  1. Jaana says:

    I loved this!!!! Watching people, having tea and buying yarn, what more could you hope for? Thanks for brightening my day.

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