of travels and tea cups

My sister has been reading my blog and her memory has given me more to write about.
Thanks Mary: “I’m not very good about telling stories from my childhood but I’ll try to give you some details.  Do you remember when Lucy and I drove us and my children across the country, sightseeing on the way, to Bellingham?  I bought a trailer and we filled up with the necessary things for camping.  Hiram took the Canadian train across and we met him in Vancouver.  You drove us all around Bellingham and Victoria Island.”
I do remember that trip. We had a house full: Mary, Rick, David and Debbie all close in age to my four and Aunt Lucy who was our closest relative when we lived in Virginia, so became the relative to visit at Christmas and Easter. And Hiram, a cousin who was about the same age as well.
“The young people put on plays taking off on the commercials and having a great time.”
We had summered on the Cape until we moved west, so Mary’s kids and Hiram were all part of the gang that played together. It was a tradition in previous generations to put on plays in the barn. There were summers when these kids did that as well, so a visit to the west and gathering together again was another time to put on a play. Somehow, it wasn’t the same as the barn atmosphere but it was a good attempt.
As for the trip to Victoria. Mary was collecting tea cups and a trip into Canadian lands was an invitation to find another tea cup. We walked the streets stopping into every shop that might have tea cups. In each Mary hemmed and hawed, and we would walk on to the next. We were at the bottom of a hill of tea cup shops when Mary made up her mind. It was that one…. way near the top of the hill.That was the tea cup she wanted. I sat down somewhere and said I would wait while she went to get it.
Do you still have that tea cup, Mary?
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One Response to of travels and tea cups

  1. Laura LA says:

    I love the conversational back and forth of this memory. What a great way to share family stories. And, thank you for sharing with us, as well. It inspires me to get more active in recording family memories.

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