Stories I remember: Skateboards and Unicycles

The local paper wrote about kids who were “long boarding” down some of our very steep streets, ignoring cross streets and in general endangering themselves or others. It’s a $79 fine if caught.

My son had a skate board when he was a teen. We would load a heavy garbage bin onto it and shove it up the slope of our drive way on pick up day. I tried to ride it down a couple of times… 25 +years ago. Couldn’t stay on it. Today I am sure I would break some vital part of me even trying.

Bill had a unicycle back then as well. He was pretty good at it. He rode it the 3+ miles to middle school once. There are a lot of up hills and down hills on the route. As I recall he only did it once. I don’t think it was as much fun as he thought it would be.

Someone invaded our garage and stole some items from it one year. The unicycle was one of those items. We reported it to the police. Several neighbors had the same problem. It was several weeks later when we got a call from the police. “I think we might have your unicycle.”

Bill went with us to identify it. I am sure one unicycle looks like another to me. He looked and told the police man it was his. “Show me you can ride it ,”says the man. Bill got on easily and circled around the room. We came home with the unicycle. We could not recall much else that was stolen from our garage but there was quite a lot of stuff they had recovered from the thief.

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One Response to Stories I remember: Skateboards and Unicycles

  1. jhaworthoy says:

    I can just see your son as a middle school boy…riding the unicycle to school…what a fun idea…but then…the hills…the length….and so one time was enough. Experience is a great teacher. Jackie

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