coincidences – continued

(This is a second installment of a writing assignment from my daughters – begun last week.)

Coincidence #2
Both of my parents were born in Pennsylvania but opposite sides of the state

Coincidence #3
Frances Van Cleve graduated from Radcliffe in 1926
My dad’s sister Marjorie Morse graduated from Radcliffe in 1926

more about that later

My mother’s sister was Frances VanCleve Hitchcock..Aunt Iaye to me. She graduated from Radcliffe college in 1926. I have no idea what her major was, but she became a missionary for the Presbyterian church in Mexico and later in Columbia, South America. She would visit us when she had a chance.

Coincidence #4

My aunt was a Presbyterian missionary. Sea’s brother was a Presbyterian minister, occasionally doing missionary service as well.

She visited us one year when we lived in Massachusetts (love to spell that). She brought a monkey with her. I never wondered until now how she travelled with the monkey from Columbia, S.A. to New England, but I do recall it running about the house. My dad was a super neat-nick and I am sure he was not that happy to see the monkey.

The monkey was not “trained” and Iaye would put a diaper on it. But monkeys know how to take diapers off. I recall seeing the monkey bounding around the knick knack shelves on the stair landing.  I think we were all happy to have the monkey return home with Iaye.

When she retired from her missionary work she moved to Florida. I can still quote Bible verses she asked us to learn – well, really she paid us a dollar to learn some of them. (She knew how to reach her nieces!)

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3 Responses to coincidences – continued

  1. dmurphy2013 says:

    I envy you for knowing so much history about your family. I don’t even know names beyond my aunts, uncles and grandparents. Great slice – love the story about the monkey!

  2. jhaworthoy says:

    I can see the monkey bounding around the knick knack shelves…and I can imagine everyone sighing with relief when the little money went back home. Isn’t it great to have such memories of aunts? Even though she lived far from you…she did have an influence on you…and she sounds like one smart woman…getting her nieces to learn Bible verses. Back to the monkey….I can just picture him taking off his diapers!…and the look on your father’s face. This was a fun read…and I enjoyed it a lot. Jackie

  3. I know there was a time, maybe in the fifties, when people could buy monkeys as pets. We had some family friends who had one. They didn’t turn out so well as pets, & then I guess some laws were passed to make it illegal. I love that you remember that about your aunt, & all the connections you & your husband’s family has.

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