a first installment of my assignment

Wow. I have been given an assignment…. write all you can remember about…. and on and on from my daughter and a promise to my middle daughter to add to the assignment. If this was Mrs. Peckham, a very tough English teacher from my high school, she would add a deadline and remind me how long it should be and to fix punctuation and spelling. As for the spelling, thank goodness for spell check. Regarding the rest, I’ll leave it up to Amelia who does the technical stuff with my blog…and all this because I forgot to send her last weeks entry, which was ready to go…. but…. I know Mrs Peckham, no excuses. You will————

fran and franI remember little about my mother’s family. She was born in Erie, Pa in 1906, the middle child of three. Her older sister was Frances Van Cleve Hitchcock, for whom I was named and her younger brother was named for his dad and called Uncle Bud.

I looked up information on my relatives and my kids, who have expressed such interest, can as well. What they can’t look up is the stories they told. My grandfather was  general manager for Hayes Manufacturing company in Erie. My husband tells me his dad, who was in the plumbing business knew of the company that made pipe fittings.
Coincidence #1.

Both of my grandmothers were twins. My grandmother’s twin on Momie’s side was Frances VanCleve for whom I was named, (and she was named for her aunt). My dad’s mother had a twin brother.

My mother was named after a relative whose name was Katerina. The name was re-spelled to be Katrina. As a child she was called Nini (neenee) and as an adult, Kay. Her sister was Aunt Iaye (I-yea) except when we were together when, for some unknown reason, we were called Frances and we would both turn to see which Frances. I did the same thing to my youngest daughter by naming her after her father -Seabury- calling her Sia but frequently asking for Seabury when they were both in the room.

I wish I could remember the stories my mother used to tell about her childhood. I asked her once to write them down for me. (Where was a computer in those days?) She wrote one, which I will include later, but the others are lost. There was one tale of being lost and being found by someone with a horse and buggy. Now that was long ago. Reminds me of the time my own kids wanted to know if there were cars when I was little. Time flies, things change. Wonder if my grand kids will ask what kind of computer I had when I was little.

We visited these grandparents rarely and they were gone by the time I was around 8. They had a farm outside of Erie PA. and we visited a few times in the summer. One Christmas we were at their home and Santa Claus came. The real Santa…. and I never missed seeing my grandfather leave the room and show up as Santa – so much more time was spent with the other side of the family. It is a shame I recall so little.sols_5-colors

stay tuned

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