an answer to her prayers (?)

Sometimes my memories go way back and then I forget some parts of them. Thank goodness Sea remembers the pertinent parts that I don’t.

This one comes from seeing a big tame bunny foraging  in our yard. It  belongs to a neighbor but I guess they let him, (or her,) loose and we can see this giant rabbit meandering along the edge of our “garden”. It is also a part of an Easter memory.

When we lived in Alexandria, VA. and Sea worked for the Navy designing boats, we attended church in Washington DC. It was the New York Avenue Presbyterian church and the minister was Dr. Docherty. Our kids were all in Sunday School. We sat in the balcony and enjoyed his wonderful sermons and the beautiful music from the organ and the choir.

On some Sundays the children would come into the church walking down the long aisle and sitting in the front pews. We enjoyed the chorus of their voices saying “Good Morning Dr. Docherty”… It was tempting to add “Hickory Dickory Dock”.

The memory that came to mind was when Amelia was around six. She wanted a pet and being Easter, she thought a bunny would be a fine pet. Since I had enough mouths and bodies to care for, having a pet was nowhere near the top of my want list.

Easter morning came and Easter baskets were enjoyed. Then, Amelia, dressed in her Sunday best to attend church, went into the front yard, and there was the baby bunny she had asked for. The little brown ball of fur was nestled in the bush  in the front yard. The Easter Bunny had granted her wish. Now what was I supposed to do?

I don’t recall what I really did but it probably went something like this. “Oh the poor baby bunny needs its mother. Lets leave it there so his mother can find him.”
We did not adopt the baby bunny. We might have called a neighbor who had a pet rabbit to come and rescue the baby.

As for Amelia and her wish for a pet, she now has a dog and a cat and they live with her and I still don’t want any pets. I am done raising young ones. I just enjoy watching them grow up under their parents care.sols_green

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5 Responses to an answer to her prayers (?)

  1. Katie #3 says:

    Mom – I don’t comment enough on your blog shares. I’m glad Amelia spurred you on to write something. I really do enjoy getting a glimpse into the past or a better understanding of you and how you have responded to various challenges. Keep writing. I’ll send my own “wish list” of stuff I’d like you to ponder on and share in this high-tech journal.

  2. What a great story–I love little peeks into the memories of others, and this was delightful!

  3. Ruth Ayres says:

    I love your response — the bunny needs its mommy! Perfect! I can just imagine little Amelia doing her best to convince you to keep the bunny. Thanks for writing on this Tuesday. 😉

  4. Linda Baie says:

    I can just hear your mind thinking, what can I do about this? Very smart to think that the baby needs its mommy. Thanks for the sweet memory!

  5. Terje says:

    A big bunny triggering memories from the past. Solving the baby bunny situation was much trickier than just saying no. You found a kind way out.

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