Children are great observers

sols_green“You had your  hair cut!” came the word from a Poolette. Some people are very observant. I told them the story of the first year I found myself teaching first grade. I had taught second and third split classes until then and occasionally a straight third. This was early in the year and I was finding out that little boys are very observant. I was never sure why it was the boys, but it always seemed so.
“You had your hair cut,” chirps up Bobby as he sits on the rug for circle time.
“Oh,”says I, “I washed my hair with green shampoo and it shrank.” No comment from anyone.
But my joke struck home on the weekend. I got a phone call from the mother of a little girl in my class. She was about to shampoo her daughter’s hair… with green shampoo, of course, and was getting a little rebellion from the young lady. Would I please tell Susie, I had cut my hair and it did not shrink from green shampoo.
Lesson learned. First graders haven’t gotten to the stage where a joke is understood. Or at least Susie. I never tried that one again though it was still the little boys who would notice a hair cut, new socks or a new outfit. Amazing. Wonder if they kept that interest when they had girl friends and wives.

And then there is the time Lucy, (then grade 2,) came for a visit. She called me Mémé… with French pronunciation, because that’s what she calls her other grandmother who lives near enough that she sees her often. Then, Lucy smiled, and remarked that she’d just called me Mémé. I said that was fine. (One set of grand children call me Nana, the other set call me Grandma.) I told her I would answer to Mémé as long as she called me for dinner.
Less that two seconds went by and she turned to me and said “Ok for-dinner.”
We blinked and burst out laughing.
“I got that hook, didn’t I? Dad..” said Lucy, followed by more laughing
Maybe it all happens between first  and second grade. Who knows?

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One Response to Children are great observers

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Ha! Good for Lucy. Funny how that plateau is finally reached! Good story, Fran.

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