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Several years ago Amelia had a painting project with her preschoolers that was so much fun, we former (a long time ago) preschoolers wanted to try it as well. We set up the dining room table with newspapers, brought out the paints and all the kitchen gadgets and empty spools and what ever we thought might be great for printing. By the end of the day, I had printed fabric and no idea what to do with it. The Otterbees tried it as well. And then the fabric sat there, gathering dust and waiting for inspiration.
Inspiration came last month and in between other ideas, I have put together the beginning of the painted
paintring 4
painting 5Of course, I can never do one thing at a time so several other started quilts were lying around.
I was also waiting for the rest of my Christmas fabric order to come and finally it did. So I had to work on that as well.
The Otterbees will be here on Wednesday. They will search my design wall for the “quilt” that was on the wall last week and it won’t be there. With everything else I want to try, that one got put into a box and might even make it to the throw away bin.
Such is my very busy quilting/retired life…. and I like it.
Just keep me away from  my stash in the basement til I finish what is lying around in my sewing room.
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7 Responses to back to sewing

  1. You quilts are incredible works of art! There is something so “engineered” and yet “artistic” in the beauty of a quilt with its geometry and symmetry balancing line and color!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    The drawings quilt is beautiful. I imagine the kids who did it will be delighted.

  3. Nancy Hatcher says:

    They are incredible…and they tell such a story ! xo

  4. blkdrama says:

    I love seeing the products of crafting.
    Love them,

  5. Tara says:

    Just beautiful…the contrast between the colors of the two quilts is just amazing.

  6. Judy C. says:

    Ah, we crafters can’t do just one thing at a time, can we. Your quilts are beautiful. I find it totally amazing how the fabrics and pieces go together and make something spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ramona says:

    I love the way you incorporated the printed fabrics into the quilt. What fun! I have to share it with my quilter daughter.

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