a day in the life…

We are walking the mall. I load up our walkers into the back of my little red wagon… blue for him and red for me. We park at my reserved parking spot (mine and anyone else who has a handicap tag) at the side door of JCP and head into the mall. Opening the doors and wielding a walker is a trick, but often someone is entering when we do and they have always held the doors for us: one lady saying she might need the help some day, a dad with a wife carrying an infant and two little boys ready to get going. But the dad waited, held both doors for both of us. How kind people are.

We walk JCP to Macy’s to Target, to Sears and back. The displays are entertaining. The kids play area where little ones, shoes removed, run and jump and slide around the equipment while the moms sit on the edge and chat. We pass the candy store and I have to look the other way. We pass the kids stores and recall those days I took four little ones back to school shopping.

It is warmer than walking the street and maybe a bit more entertaining than covering the same street every day.  It is certainly easier pushing a walker at the mall than the bumpy street. And there are rest rooms, a plus. Then we head home having covered our mile, maybe, and watch the sun set over the lake.

Not a bad life……  Our rut for the 80s.

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One Response to a day in the life…

  1. Love hearing you look for all the positives, & chuckled when you wrote you had to look the other way when going by the candy store. Life is good, even with a walker, & when you have a view like above, it is very good indeed! Happy Travels!

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