Becoming a 2 walker family

The new plan is to walk…
every day, somewhere, rain or shine, freezing weather or not.


“Dizzy” as titled by Sea instead of the formal name: vestibular hyperdisfunction

The plan is not for me, though it is a good one. It is for Sea, the dizzy man in my life. The dizzies are caused, maybe, by such a long name and so many “if’s” that I’ll just say he is dizzy. The cure, if in fact it will go away, is to stand and look at something and wiggle your head up and down,  side to side….. and to move. move. move.

In the spring and fall Sea will walk the mile up and down our street. Emphysema slows him down but he will walk. In the summer he has his boats and the races. But the winter, well you have all heard that it rains all the time in the Northwest. It really does (and we keep saying that so more people won’t move here. We like it the way it is.) Snobs aren’t we?

We went shopping yesterday for a walker. I have had one for ten years. After my knee replacements I used a walker and as the years went on, I found one useful in stores that don’t have carts…. like the mall. Grocery stores and drug stores have carts. I don’t need it in fabric and yarn stores, I can always lean against a bolt of fabric or a yarn bin and pretend I am really interested in it.

So now Sea has a walker, (and if he insists on naming it Veronica I may disown him,) and we will test it in the mall today. What fun! I am sure he will be happier when the rain ceases and he can gather gossip up and down our street, but for now it is the mall!

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2 Responses to Becoming a 2 walker family

  1. I am glad to hear there’s something to do about the dizziness. It’s so hard to make changes even if it’s for one’s health. I hope your mall visit was good, & that Veronica (te he) was cooperative.

  2. Laura LA says:

    What a wonderful celebration. Reminds me of a TED Talk I recently listened to (while walking on the treadmill, by the way) by a woman who talked about her wheelchair as a liberating tool since it allowed her more freedom of movement than she has without it. You have that same spin on the walker – not a sign of limitation but a tool to help live the life you want to live. Thank you for sharing your joy.
    Have fun on your walks, wherever they take you.

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