What a week

I love Christmas. It isn’t the gifts; it is the gathering of the clan. It wasn’t a complete gathering. One grand-kid was on the road to her Minnesota family, and another and hubby were visiting friends in Turkey.  But it was a gathering of those who could make it from San Diego, from Seattle, and from just near home.

The stockings were less important as we found ourselves opening gifts under the tree, so that by the time the family with the little girls arrived, we would be ready to give them their presents. We all agreed to put off stockings until the next morning because we knew there was a lot of candy in them, and the little girl’s mom would not like lots of tempting candy lying around.

xmas 2012 SiaSea  had a vertigo event just before the big day and that put somewhat of a damper on the day as he was not feeling well. But everyone pitched in and helped with the brunch and the cleanup.  When the group moved on to Bill’s house for dinner with the group, dad and I just just sat quietly with the fire place glowing and enjoyed the peace and quiet.xmas 2012 B n C

Telephone chats with my sister, catching up on her tribe, and cards from cousins made the event complete.

Now to greet 2013 when both Sea and I will reach the age Katie says is OLD (80)…. hopefully we won’t be too old to enjoy more Christmases, sailing in the summer and a few dozen more quilts to piece and socks to knit. I refuse to give in to the term——OLDxmas 2012 placemats
xmas 2012 lucy

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6 Responses to What a week

  1. What a wonderful Christmas. Here’s to good health and much happiness in the new year!

  2. readsomuch says:

    Thanks for sharing your holiday! May you have an excellent 80th year!

  3. Ramona says:

    I love the quilt hanging on the wall! My daughter has been working on a quilt this holiday and she just got it on the frames. This is her 2nd quilt. I think she inherited her quilting genes from my grandmother! I love gathering with family and playing games too!

  4. Tara says:

    Lovely pictures….and what a warm and loved filled Christmas you have had. All the best for the new year!

  5. Ruth says:

    I LOVE that top photo. These kinds of shots are my favorite because they seem so real, so genuine. And that quilt! WOW!

  6. Somehow I missed your post, Fran. I’m sorry that your husband wasn’t feeling well, yet it looks as if you had a lovely Christmas with all the family. I’m always happy to see the photos! Best wishes for a wonderful new year!

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