longing for fresh air

There is little that can be added to all that has been said about that horrible incident in the elementary school back east. I am a former elementary teacher and my daughter is a teacher today. When my kids were in school, they told me about air raid drills, where they lined up on the floor in the hallways. When I taught we had fire drills which, from the kids point of view, even though they understood the necessity for them, was  a chance to leave the classroom and get some fresh air.

Now I am told they have  a variety of drills: fire drills, earthquake drills, lockdowns and drills should something be amiss somewhere in the school. I wonder how those little minds handle those drills today.

A real earthquake disrupted my daughter’s preschool class some years ago. The drill routine then was to crawl under the tables. As she sat under the table with the kids,  she told me one little one asked “When will this game be over?” We chuckled at her story, but this time, for those kids, it wasn’t a drill, a chance for fresh air, it was real and terrifying and will linger in the minds of the kids, the teachers, the parents , the police and firemen and in all of us, who have watched and wondered when and how this mania will stop, in our country and in the world.

Is there really such a thing and peace on earth….? now during this Christmas season…? and always?

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3 Responses to longing for fresh air

  1. djtsmith says:

    No there is no peace on earth, unfortunately. But fortunately there is on earth, Peace. And though we don’t understand, we must continue to trust in that Peace. God bless you and yours at this time of year and always.

  2. newtreemom says:

    So many drills… I just hope that what I have heard said in some reports, that the security procedures helped save lives, is true. Because there is a trade-off, wondering how it all affects the children, all the rehearsal for the worst things that could happen. Ignorance and lack of preparation must be worse.

  3. It is sad this week, but I find lots of joy too, especially in the younger ones at school, & I am glad they are the way they all should be. I understand the pondering, but I do remember myself as a young child being scared about the bomb, and all that, so perhaps each generation has its tough parts. Have a Merry Christmas Fran!

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