Just Takes …..perseverance

A year ago I decided to give myself a challenge. Two quilt shops put out a bimonthly pattern they called Just Takes Two, meaning just two colors. I started with a navy blue and added various florals instead of the white but gave up when I assembled the first quarter and found it pretty ugly.

I started again, redoing the first set of blocks in navy and white. Twice a month the patterns were downloaded on line. I kept at it with the encouragement of a fellow Otterbee who was working in red and white.

IMG_1101A long time ago I gave up hand piecing. I have tried it… as they say.. been there done that! So when a hand pieced block was provided, I machine pieced it, sometimes outlining the block in a white blanket stitch on the sewing machine… When a block looked pretty bare, I blanket stitched around or in the middle of a design. I did a little free hand sewing (by machine) in a few blocks.

The last set of blocks arrived Dec. 1st”. By this time I was so sick of navy and white, I almost tossed the whole mess into a give away pile. But today, I decided it was now or never. I finished the blocks and stitched the pieces together. It isn’t prefect. Most of my work isn’t, but it is done. I sent a picture to my friend working in red and white and now I will stow it away for a while until I am no longer sick of blue and white, and perhaps actually finish it… or it may join a growing pile of unquilted tops stacked in my basement for some future generations.

Many years ago I attended a quilt meeting when I lived in Florida. A lady arrived to tell us about her wonderful find. She had been up north, somewhere, and had found a pile of quilt blocks stuck in some shop. She bought them “for a song” and wanted to show us her discovery. She ranted and raved as she laid each block out across the table. They were old fabrics. Some were hand pieced and some appliquéd. They really  were unique. As she set them out, we all knew why they had never been assembled into a quilt. They were uneven, odd sizes, and really didn’t work together. But I will never forget her glee at her “find”. I hope someday someone “finds” my stash of UFO’s and is as thrilled as she was.

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5 Responses to Just Takes …..perseverance

  1. Terje says:

    It looks a lot of work to me. I wonder what someone who hasn’t read your slice would “read” from your quilt top.

  2. Judy C. says:

    Congrats on finishing the quilt top.. I have many of those unfinished projects and need to do some housecleaning and get rid of those that I know I’ll never finish. I have also told myself that I won’t start (or buy) another project until I finish what I have started – hassn’t happened yet. So I’ll take your words of wisdom and persevere.

  3. And I imagine that someone will be gleeful at their ‘find’, Fran. I have always looked at quilts & quilt pieces in antique shops, finding a few that I like, making some into pillows for others, etc. I like to think of the hands that made them, the fabric they chose. Your work will be loved, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing this process! I know my daughter-in-law will love your quilt; she loves all things blue!

  4. adaisygarden says:

    It looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to make a two-color quilt. Maybe 2013?!

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