Slice and Dice Holiday Cheer

The Otterbees have had a great time in the last few weeks. One day we planned an event we called Slice and Dice.

One of our group works with a middle school quilt club. She asked for “boy” fabric because the supplies she had been given were not boy-ish enough. We all went through our stash and I put out the message: Bring your rotary cutter this week.

IMG_1089They did. I put a box of band aids on the table to remind everyone that a rotary cutter is a lethal weapon and to be careful. We sat, or stood around the table covered with cutting mats and chatted and cut fabric into 5 inch squares. We sent on a box of squares cut, stacked  and ready for the kids. Some of it was boyish:  basket balls, tractors, and cars…. enough to last for a while..we hope.IMG_1090

The second event was just as much fun.

One of the Otterbees told me several weeks ago that the father of someone in our group, in a mood of cleaning up, I guess, had thrown out her box of Christmas ornaments. Maybe we could help replenish the supply .

We all brought ornaments of all sorts of varieties. I don’t think anyone bought new ones. I know at least some were handmade for the occasion. We also managed to find indoor and outdoor lights, and red velvet ribbons. She now has quite an assortment.

A little Christmas cheer is a good thing.IMG_1091

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2 Responses to Slice and Dice Holiday Cheer

  1. Tara says:

    The view by which you gather and quilt is just gorgeous! What a lovely thing to do – to replenish an ornament collection for a friend. I imagine she will always look upon them and think of all of you.

  2. It’s nice to do things in a group, helping others isn’t it? Have a merry season,

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