I used to consider myself computer literate…now I’m not so sure….

when Slowkey-Pokey was new

We walked into the computer store yesterday.  Sea was missing the old IMac that was stationed in the “office”. It died about a year ago and was sent off to computer heaven and I came home with a new lap top. Sea rarely used the computer but he did know how to turn it on and search on Google………and when I say rarely, I really mean once a year possibly. When it came to using e-mail, I would send his messages and read him responses, occasionally printing something out if it was too long.

Yesterday he wanted to look up something and my laptop was in use… on my lap…. and my old slokey pokey laptop was off and not connected to the internet.

“Lets see if we can replace the computer I use”, says Sea. It did mean a lunch out, which I never refuse, so why not!

We walked into the Apple store and we both began to feel stupid instantly. We wandered over to the laptop display and a young woman came to help us. At this point, Sea just turns to me and I mumble something about just looking.

Displayed on one side of  the room were huge screens as big as our new TV. We knew we did not want that. Sea did not want a laptop. He wanted the old IMac I bought 12 years ago. I asked about second hand IMacs and saw three boxes labeled IMac. They were the big screen variety. The clerk began to spout Microsoft information now loaded on Macs and I just nodded and felt even more stupid.

In the 50s Sea went to MIT where the computers were room size and spouted out cards. We have all heard of chads….does that stand for Critical Holes Activating Data? Now this store had laptops and mini pads that would fit in your pocket. Nothing was familiar to him (or me) and what he wanted.

We went home and hooked up Slowkey Pokey to the net and once a year I will instruct him how to turn it on and he has all the time in the world to search the net.

What is next in computers? Up until now I felt comfortable around what I knew about Macs. I was teaching when they were first brought into my school. I took a class to learn how to use them and eventually got one for my class. When I retired, I bought an Apple –  once I found a clerk at the local Apple store that could speak English (as opposed to computerese). From then on I have been able to upgrade, use discs, then CDs to add the quilting programs I use to design quilts. The new Macs are entering the PC world and getting rid of my favorite programs. I guess I will live in the 2011 age from now on and just hope the one I have doesn’t die on me.

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4 Responses to I used to consider myself computer literate…now I’m not so sure….

  1. Yep, I just passed on a trip to the bustling Mac store myself. I am in in need as my laptop won’t do updates any longer. I just got a crazy new phone that is frustrating the daylights out of me. I think is awesome that both of you are still learning and loving the research that computers provide. I enjoy your slicing so much. xo nanc

  2. Thank you for sharing your history of computers. I love your writing. Please say hello to Slowkey Pokey for me.

  3. I am trying to keep up, too, Fran, but things change with the speed of light those days. I wish I had my own special computer person to do my bidding. Best wishes that your computer lasts & lasts.

  4. newtreemom says:

    I can relate…I often depend on my younger colleagues at school to help me with computer questions. They are so much kinder and more patient than the computer store people!

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