weekly highlights

84 sunny days in the northwest, or at least in Bellingham, and then three days of rain and we were complaining again. It has been a beautiful fall here. My New England upbringing leads me to love the fall colors. They have been particularly wonderful right around my house. It was great, this week, to have the assignment to make a fall leaf quilt for my local shop. I did not choose the fabric but the remaining scraps look just like what is falling around my front path.
Fall also sends me into cleaning mode… or if not cleaning, going through my fabric and yarn stash and getting rid of some of it. I found a nice pile of quilt tops and blocks and took them to the shop where they will finish them and send them to Hospice house or the kidney center. They also manage to take alien blocks and find them friends and assemble them into quilts as well. My local quilt guild makes baby quilts for babies at risk and I have sent some that way as well.  Now to shuffle my intentions around and try and put together more tops on my list of to-dos and maybe even finish one or two for myself. If not, maybe next fall the local charities will get another pile.
The highlight of my week was a visit from 9 year old Lucy. Little sister was at a party and she asked to come here and “quilt”. I set up the sewing machine and she started in making a quilt for her toy cat she had brought. She was very comfortable threading the machine and trying out the fancy stitches. I sewed on my machine until hers jammed and we switched places. She found ironing (with supervision) to be fun and wanted to hug the hot fabric to her face before she warmed her kitty. Of course the fabric had to be ironed over and over again.
When we tired with sewing we went to watch the news. She does not have TV at home by parental choice, so tends to just stare at anything on the box. She has learned how to crochet so I told her we would watch the news, mute the ads, as long as her hands were busy. I knit and we talked in between the numerous ads. What a delightful afternoon.
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2 Responses to weekly highlights

  1. What a lovely story. And, your quilt is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love the stories about you & Lucy, & this is still another special one. The quilt is just wonderful. You must be fast at the machine to craft this so quickly! I’m glad you had a good fall!

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