Part 3 – home comings

There is more to reminisce about but it takes me out of “now time” and and way back in the past. I have too many things to do NOW. I am sure no one else thinks my various projects are that important to get done.. NOW… but they are piling up; quilts to piece and sweaters for the little girls to knit, and matching American girl doll sweaters. (I need to find a pattern) After all, those elves in the North Pole are busy so I should be as well.
I am pleased that we will have Thanksgiving guests, Amelia’s family, for that holiday and all four of my kids birthdays are at the end of November and the start of December. Wow… gotta get busy!
We are in full fall mode with the beautiful colors on the trees and even through clouds and gray days, they are beautiful. I love fall….
And here I go again…….
Every fall we would drive back home from summer on the Cape and say goodbye to the easy life. We would be reminded we were leaving summer rules behind. No more company. No watermelon fights, bare feet, calling adults by their first names; it was back to school and minding our manners.
And to reminisce just a little: My dad listened to the football games on the radio. He had a way of diagramming football games so he could see the yardage gained and lost by the teams. It wasn’t until I took the time to actually watch a game on TV that I understood what his diagrams were, always drawn on the cardboard that came out of his laundered shirts.
I had a pair of roller-skates. I found out my grand daughters have fancy skates and wear knee and elbow pads and helmets. My skates had metal wheels and were attached to the shoes with little edges that were turned with a key to tighten them around the shoes. We wore the key on a string around our necks. The best fun was skating down a hill but you had to jump when you came to a crack in the pavement or you fell down. My knees were scabbed and covered with Band-Aids a lot during the skating season.
Guess I’d better go back to my knitting. Skating days are over but I can watch football while I work.
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2 Responses to Part 3 – home comings

  1. I love the memory of using the cardboard from the laundered shirts, Fran. We didn’t have the availability of other kinds as readily as today, did we? Those pieces were precious. And I too had those skates with the key. I won a pair with a coloring contest & was so, so proud. Thanks for still remembering, but have fun with the present too!

  2. newtreemom says:

    Another former owner of skates with a key! Great memories! Later I had skates with white leather boots, like we rented at the skating rink, and a red plaid skating skirt and vest my mom sewed for me one Christmas.
    Good luck with all your projects!

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