we’re back

We are back from our travels. For three weeks we have been royally fed and entertained with lectures and bus trips from Detroit to Portland, Maine.

The first leg of our trip from Detroit to Quebec was pretty much as advertised. We rode the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls and took a bus trip on the upper levels on the Canadian side.

Chateau Frontenac

We spent a day in Montreal walking near old town while our fellow passengers took a longer walk further afield. We chose not to take trips that meant a lot of walking, so enjoyed reading or knitting on the ship and talking with fellow passengers from around the states… 108 in all.

Perce Rock

Anne of Green Gables House

Maritime Museum

A day in Quebec between the two legs of the cruise was spent at Chateau Frontenac loafing in the lobby, nosing around the many tourists shops or walking around the deck surrounding the Chateau enjoying the view and the buskers. We were above where our ship was docked, so when it was time, we rejoined the new batch of cruisers and began to introduce ourselves to new faces for the second leg of the trip to Portland.
New faces, new lecturers and as we cruised along new weather. It had been sunny and warm and now the winds and clouds arrived and delayed our ship in Matane, Quebec. Our cruise director spent the rest of the trip trying to find dock space, arrange for new buses and tour guides as he had to alter the planned program. The ship rock and rolled down the coast. The lobster feast was worked into the program by an off shore meal. We did miss Baddeck, where we had been 46 years ago with the kids. Finally the sun came out as we landed at Booth Bay Harbor Maine and a bus ride to the Bath Maritime Museum ended our trip. It was fun to see New England at its best. Again nice people, nice lectures, great food and several new books plus finishing four pair of socks brought an end to our cruise.

Then the plane ride home. Why can’t we close our eyes and vanish into space and arrive at home.

Sea has the ship board cold and I have a mound of pictures to sort though. We have done loads of laundry and restocked the fridge. But we did have a good time and enjoyed the cruise. Now to settle in to the usual routine.

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4 Responses to we’re back

  1. pamelahodges says:

    Welcome home, and thank you for sharing. I loved the photographs. Four pairs of socks! Sounds like you met a lot of people and saw some amazing places.

  2. Tara says:

    Fabulous Photographs, especially the one of Perce Rock – stunning!

  3. Me too-that rock is amazing! So many beautiful things to see in this world of ours. Happy to see & hear some of your adventures, Fran. Happy being back home now!

  4. Ahh, in a few years I am taking this beautiful trip. I can’t wait to take a trip in the fall. Thank you for the fantastic description that made me feel like I was with you. xo

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