how to beat the heat

“Grandma, can we come up to the lake and bring some friends, go sailing, barbeque….? We’ll bring the food.”


And later a call from Carolyn…

“Can we come to the lake, and bring a friend?”


They came, all of them and more of them, as they managed to also invite Amelia, Mike and Corbin. They sat on the lawn and chatted. The two couples sailed: “Grandma. I didn’t forget how to sail. I remembered. I could have stayed out there longer.”

The little girls swam and the moms talked with an eye on the young swimmers. I sat inside knitting, enjoying a cooler day, but still sunshine.

The couples brought enough food for the whole street and prepared it setting it out on the table on the deck and Sea and I enjoyed hot dogs and watermelon and watched a party boat chug along the waterfront.

How can I complain about hot weather when it brings family together and, to be honest, the hot weather really doesn’t last very long.

A quick peek in the kitchen after they left… everything cleaned up, the food whisked into the car for the return home… and I was left knitting and thinking what a wonderful family we have.

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3 Responses to how to beat the heat

  1. Donna Smith says:

    Sounds cool, loving and welcoming! I’ll bet a stranger would feel right at home! Who was that woman sitting over there with the sunglasses and iced tea? Don’t know… I think it was a fellow blogging family member… I think she brought the coleslaw.

  2. Sweet capturing of this weekend memory, Fran and wonderful to see your family. I especially love those final two pics!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time that you and your family had! Thanks for including the photos along with your words. It’s always fun to put the faces with the names. 🙂

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