I called my sister to wish her a happy birthday last week. She lives on the other side of the country and chances of getting together with her again are slim. She is happy and enjoying her family and friends… and her dog. I guess that is the best we can all expect when we are “over the hill.”  Lucy has a birthday this month as well. The celebration will be here on the lake so the kids can enjoy the water and  Bill will take the kids or parents sailing on the lake.
Phoebe had a birthday in May and was here at the house a few days before the real event. I asked if she wanted her gift, knowing very well she would love to have it early. It wasn’t much. I have been making hand made things for the girls as they have so much I can’t add much more . Both girls have American girls dolls and a special quilt for Molly’s bed was the gift for the day. I also have a huge collection of beanie babies so the girls have chosen one at Easter, Christmas and birthdays to slim down my collection.
I was watching Phoebe open her gift. Her mom, Carolyn, was watching Lucy. Lucy was trying to smile and be happy and then she lost it. When she was younger she could not understand why she was older than Phoebe but Phoebe’s birthday came first. Carolyn made a circular calendar to explain. Lucy knows that now, but her birthday is in the summer so she doesn’t get recognition at school. She went on and on with her very legitimate complaints. She did take her birthday beanie baby early so she and Phoebe could have pets for their dolls.
It was as the complaints ceased that I told her my “sad” story. My sister is two years older, just as Lucy is two years older than Phoebe. But my sister’s birthday came first. I didn’t have to question why hers was first. It made sense. But as I got older I had what I thought was a very real complaint. Mary’s birthday is in July. In July we all went to Cape Cod. It was always on the week of the fourth that we had a lot of company. Thus… my logic tells me, she will have hoards of people to celebrate and give her presents. I am not really sure the gift thing was true, but there were always a lot of people.
My birthday is early September. Summer was over. We were back at school or would be soon. No guests, sometimes a new school or new classmates… but much too soon to celebrate at school.
Was that a sad enough story for Lucy? I am not sure. But I am certain that she will grow out of this someday. Both girls are very sweet and always , when given something, they want one for their sister as well. They are very thoughtful of each other…. My mother once said to me that Mary and I were the best of friends and the worst of enemies. We had many good times together and when things went bad…. well she had very sharp elbows.
The sailing party was Saturday. The clouds disappeared in time for a bunch of little girls in bathing suits  to jump into the water to swim or take a ride on the sailboat. Our neighbor kindly let the kids try out their slide on the dock. Mom had balloons, treats and a cake. We did have to light the candles twice as the wind outside blew out the candles before Lucy had a chance so we moved that event inside. Happy ninth birthday Lucy.
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3 Responses to Birthdays

  1. Tara says:

    It’s funny how kids draw significance from things. My son was born the day after may husband’s birthday. Years later he confessed that he did not like that – he was always worried that I would be too busy getting ready for Scott’s birthday to have time for his. When my husband heard that he laughed and said that HE’D felt the same way too!

  2. Peg D says:

    Our boy are 20 days short of being exactly two years apart. We’ve always done a shared gift as well so the other brother has something new to play with. Helps the green eyed monster. 🙂

  3. such a wonderful slice! I used to think I got “gyped” due to a late August birthday because I always got back to school clothes ( and my siblings did too). As I got older, I realized how wonderful an August birtdhay can be – at least for a teacher!

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