remembering June, anticipating July

Sailing season is back. Sea is happy to be back on the water. I am happy to see my son once a week as he enters through the back door and grabs his “performance enhancing” snickerdoodle and gets ready for the race. The guys, and some kids and wives show up and the boats begin to be slipped off the dock into the water.

We now have 13 boats in the fleet. Ten on our dock, two with kind neighbors who have let us park on their docks for the summer. One lives nearby and sails when its nice out.

The first  week it was not nice out. It was cold, wet, and rainy, and only a bit of wind. But the hearty sailors had to be there for the first day of racing. Sea went out in his committee boat bundled up to his ears in the warmest clothes he could find. The race must go on… and it did.

The next week it was a little nicer and 7 members of the fleet came to race. It is such a nice group of people. It all started with my son and a friend or two. Now it is anyone who can manage to find a place for his boat. Several sail with a family member. Occasionally one of the older kids will skipper a boat if there is one available. When the race ends, they all gather on the dock and talk race talk. I know what that is like. I used to crew for Sea when we lived in Florida and I grew up crewing on the Cape as a kid. How they can remember every tack, every gust of wind, every good move and every bad I will never know.

I watch from my sewing machine window and grind away on another quilt. When the race is over, Sea comes back to the house to eat the sandwich I have for him, and relax and remember how it was when he was the skipper. Bill returns for a short word and then we are back to the same “exciting” life we have until next week. Sea will give me a daily wind report and make bets on the conditions for the next race night. I will just stitch away and recall the days when I crewed and watched the other boats and warned Sea of who and where they were as we sailed the course. It’s not a bad life out here in the rainy, and sometimes sunny, northwest.

That was the usual beginning of race season at the beginning of June. We have had Junuary weather since. Dribbles here, clouds there, once in a while a rare sight of the sun, and on one occasion outright rain, thunder and lightening. It was a regatta weekend. Three boats came up from Oregon to compete.The races were near the end when a loud clap of thunder alerted me to look away from my knitting to see what the boats were doing. I missed seeing the lightning but I did see every boat head for shore no matter where they were on the course. The boats landed on whatever dock was nearest. A very wet bunch of people returned to the house after they had put their boats to bed. Most of the sailors bring dry gear in case of a tip over. The Oregon crew were prepared  as well.

Since it was a weekend event, the group planned a dinner – usually enjoyed on our deck. This was not to be. With help from various people, our tables were strung across the dining room and the food was set out in the kitchen for self-service. I sat in my comfy chair and listened to the race chatter. It was the same as in the past but the thunder and lightening did spice things up.

What a wonderful group of people. When everyone had gone, all the tables were back where they should be. Chairs were returned to their place and the kitchen was cleaned up. Amazing.

Now it is summer guaranteed. Here in Washington, summer begins on July 5th. Even the weather man says so. We have sunshine and the racers will enjoy the usual good wind, and I can back to knitting or sewing and the view.

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6 Responses to remembering June, anticipating July

  1. Oh, what a wonderful life. I love how you take it all in and create the environment of warmth and love at the table. I just need a bit of those raindrops here in Illinois. xo nanc

  2. This life is far from my own experiences but in reading your writing I feel like I was there. What a welcoming home base for these sailors from different ports. Thank you for such an inviting description.

  3. Fran, you know I love your stories, & this part of your life is so inviting. What different weather you have had this year compared to our record-breaking heat & fires (Colorado). I love seeing about all the sailing, & then the table full of sailors, with your quilted placemats! Beautiful! We lived on a lake in Missouri for a few years & loved every bit, had a canoe, but also sailed with neighbors. It was a really special time, like yours. Thank you!

  4. newtreemom says:

    You took me into the world of sailing, which I have never tried, and made me want so much to be part of it all! Have a wonderful July!

  5. Your experiences with sailing are so neat. I appreciate you sharing them-I never had the opportunity to do it. I am thinking I need to start a bucket list and put sailing on it.

  6. pamelahodges says:

    Thank you sharing your life. I love the photographs as well.

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