Hey! Take me!

I wanted an IPad. We are going on a trip in the fall and I thought it was a wonderful excuse to have an IPad. My old Mac book  died a year or so ago and I thought about getting an IPad then but decided on a lap top with a bigger screen. It does everything I want it to do… except cook and do the dishes. It was enough.

When I traveled last time I took my old lap top…smaller, duller screen. Very little of what I had had on it was preserved when it died recently and the Mac Medic brought it back to life. It worked on the last trip. I put it into my luggage and sent it on its way. If it had been stolen, big deal, it wasn’t worth much. I could take it again…. but the IPad… I drooled a little as I looked it over. The man showing it to me showed the thousands of apps I could get, none of which I even would have looked at twice. But it was so…

I left the store without the IPad and headed to the grocery store with my list in hand: orange juice, bread… you know, the usual stuff. I walked past the toy collection and something near my cart made me stop. Ignatious Paddington was looking at me with those soulful eyes. Hey… I’ll go on your trip. I’ll write your story. I’ll enjoy your massive supply of pictures. I’ll……

Ignatious Paddington was in my cart, nestled between the bread and carrots, almost blending in with his carrot colored fur. Ignatious Paddington went through the scanner and sat on top of the bag, still telling me that he could write as well as those cats that went on my other trips and wrote about the journey. Ignatious Paddington sat  in the cup holder in my car looking very happy, and somewhat smug, about his new home. Ignatious Paddington will go on the trip. He will write the diary of our adventures. He will appear in some of the pictures just like Kirby the cat did on our other adventures. But he prefers his nickname… IPad.

The best part was telling my husband I had bought an IPad. His look was just a wee bit grim and I told him to wait and I would show it to him. IPad was hiding my sweater when I brought him out. Sea grinned, “That’s the best IPad I have ever seen!”

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6 Responses to Hey! Take me!

  1. Donna says:

    Okay, but Ignatious Pad would really be cleverly able to write AND take pictures with an iPad! I know he would really enjoy doing FaceTime and checking his email after helping you navigate in maps. You can find your nearest restaurants, banks, gas stations while you drive. I think Ignatious should talk to Sea about the benefits of having IPad with an iPad padding about on a trip with you! You can post to your blog right from you iPad…or IPad can, I mean. And I am sure – I mean POSITIVE – he would let you read any of the hundreds of books you could take with you on his iPad! You may want to bring Ignatious Paddington with you on your next trip to drool on iPads.

  2. Ha! Great story, & pictures do tell a thousand words, as long as IPad is in them! Take a lovely notebook & fill it up! In your handwriting it will be more special. The IPad is great, but I find it’s labor intensive to write much with it. Happy trails!

  3. Tara says:

    Oh, you’ll love yours! I am always discovering new things to do with mine…and I do believe it’s even helped me write better! There is something very addicting about an iPad….in a good, worthwhile, productive kind of way.

  4. Amy Rudd says:

    I think iPad is so cute! You picked a great companion! He’s very cute…I agree with Donna that you should find a way to get IPad using the iPad with you!

  5. pamelahodges says:

    I love your little IPad. I look forward to seeing pictures of him on your adventures. Thank you for the smile.

  6. Peg D says:

    Too funny! 🙂

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