Scouts II – Karen’s story

The camp-out was being planned. I am not much of a camper, but I thought I could handle this as we were going to be at an established summer resident camp, available for Scout weekends during the school year. There were platform tents and fire pits ready. As I said, I am not much of a camper, but this I could handle.

The girls were excited as well. The patrols were planning their menus. I  had lined up some moms willing to go with us. We were ready. Everyone would come… except Karen. Karen was diabetic and had to have an insulin shot every day. She wasn’t sure she could go. The camp was not too far away if her family could make some arrangements for her and bring her down in the morning. She joined in on our plans even though she was never sure she could go.

The day to take off arrived and Karen was ready with the rest of the girls. Mom and I had a conversation as the cars loaded up. It seems that Karen had been giving herself the insulin shots for several months. Mom felt she was ready. She did explain what I was to look for if there was a problem and we explained it to the kids and asked them to keep an eye on Karen if anything should seem awry. Karen was one very excited Scout!

Camps were set up. The programs the girls had planned were underway.

Needless to say there was not  much sleeping that first night. Giggles in every tent. They were having a great time. My helping moms and I laughed and talked as well until it finally did become quiet and we, too, could get some sleep.

In the morning I told the girls to leave Karen alone so she could give herself her shot. But Karen had other plans. The entire troop watched the process with appropriate groans and wincing. Karen, of course, was quite non-chalant about the whole thing and thrilled to have an audience for her bravery at giving herself shots.

The girls did keep an eye on Karen. It was late morning when I was told Karen was sleeping. Was that alright? I went to take a look. She was asleep, but she was fine. Who wouldn’t want to take a nap after staying up most of the night.

One giant step for Karen. She had joined in the activities despite her diabetes. She was so proud of herself… as were all of us.

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4 Responses to Scouts II – Karen’s story

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh my gosh what a wonderful story! Karen sounds like a strong young girl…my hat goes off to her! Also, so wonderful of all the moms and the girls for watching over her and making her feel like everyone else…so so great to hear!

  2. How wonderful – I love the courage and strength it takes on everyones part to help each child explore nature and the world around them. So often children miss out on these great experiences because of fear – letting them know early they can do everything (with care and caution) is the best gift you can give a child, especially a child who may have some special needs. Yeah to camping!

  3. Such a nice story & since I expect it was long ago, it seems that it was a bigger deal then than now, with our cell phones & flights for life. I had a student who was also diabetic & was quite independent about it. How great that you & the girl’s mom were so willing to give the girl a chance to prove she could do it. A real big step in growing up.

  4. aruddteacher100 says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. I am happy for Karen that she felt safe and confidcnt enough to go to camp. I am sure this will be an experience she will always remember.

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