tale of a quest and a quote

It was a catalog that started our thinking. Travelsmith had a picture on the cover of The Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey. “We’ve been there, haven’t we?” I asked Sea. I tend to remember different things from our trips. The picture looked familiar.

Sea trudged to our basement and retrieved the album of our trip on the Black Sea. The pictures were on a CD which was included in my writing of the trip. There was also a DVD a fellow passenger sent us after the trip. We watched it on my Mac and began remembering what we had seen of the Black Sea. We had been to that mosque but there was another trip that remained stronger in our memories.

I must explain my “writing” of our travels. We were headed to Antartica one winter when Amelia’s kids were still in grade school. She sent me this stuffed kitty and told me it was Kirby the Cat and she wanted me to take Kirby with us and write of our trip through Kirby. It was a great idea. Since then Kirby has been on many trips and when she disappeared, I found other stuffed animals to accompany us.

On this trip it was Taffy, a tiny caramel colored kitten who took up very little space in my luggage and wrote diligently on my computer as we traveled. Thus my memories are written.

Taffy wrote: We went to the monastery high on a hill overlooking the city in Georgia. The highlight of this place was the music coming from the small chapel. We assumed it was a recording but several people told us to join the service. Three women sang the refrain several times and an ancient looking priest in ornate yellow robes and a white beard mumbled the service, like Moses himself. There were no more than a dozen local participants and the tourist crowd. It was only the three women who were singing, holding babies in their arms. It was the acoustics in the chapel that made them sound like a choir.

While reading the rest of Taffy’s writing, I read of our guest lecturer from MIT who shared how  his students were designing robots to do underwater archeology research  in the very deep waters of the Black Sea. I wrote down a quote said by him:
“Education is two things: making the familiar strange and making the strange familiar.
David Mindell, MIT

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3 Responses to tale of a quest and a quote

  1. Linda Baie says:

    What a neat idea for Amelia to send Kirby along with you Fran. It sounds like a wonderful time, and the picture makes sure we know it! Beautiful! So glad you could join us.

  2. blkdrama says:

    I love this quote- Education is two things: making the familiar strange and making the strange familiar.
    I need more time now to digest it.

  3. So much to think about here. Glad you have recorded your trips along the way, and that you can now share them with us. I can only imagine how beautiful the music you heard was!

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