I’m outta here!

After praising the fact that rain is tolerable, I think I made the statement: ” just my luck we will have a blizzard.”  Well, we did. Even a friend in California wrote to say we had made national news and the major news stations out of the east said so as well. Well, here we are, in a blizzard, or rather the aftermath of the blizzard. As I listen to local news out of Seattle, I guess I can count my blessings. We have electricity and food, (and a basement of fabric and yarn.) We just can’t go anywhere and are developing a case of cabin fever big-time.

There might have been a time, a thousand years ago, when I liked snow. I really can’t remember that far back. I grew up in Mass. I do recall going sledding on a hill two blocks from my home on snowy days. I also recall lunch at home with school mates who could not get home in time for lunch and back, so my mother provided a place for several kids to walk the 5 blocks from school to our house for lunch break. No school buses back where I lived. The school was truly a neighborhood school and lunch break was an hour so you could get home and back. For some, it was a long walk.

When I was a senior in high school, my class had a weekend at a ski resort. I had never skied… and found that when you stand on the skis, they move, and you fall down. I spent most of my weekend by the fireplace sipping cocoa.

I do remember the first winter when Sea and I were VERY interested in each other and he invited me to visit his family during Christmas vacation. They lived in Cooperstown NY. I have never been so cold in my life. We attended some outdoor event and my toes nearly froze and fell off… or so I thought. But it could not have been that bad. We were married a year later right after Christmas but not in NY.

I do remember a snow fall when we lived in Virginia that was so deep with drifting so much that the kids could not go out to play because the snow drifts were over their heads.

We took a trip to Antarctic about ten years ago and stood on the snowy land and watched the penguins, but when we were through with the short trip, we were transported back to the warm ship, good food and plenty of company.

When we moved to Bellingham, the snow was just right. It came down. It was pretty. The next day it melted and was gone and we were back to the usual rain. Or that was the way it was most of the time. Not this year. The snow came, and stayed. We were warned. Plenty of food in the house. Good old Jenny, our generator, waiting for it to be useful. Internet and phone keeping me posted on events….. but the snow has stayed and stayed and the threat it will come some more does not please me. I am getting a terrible case of cabin fever.

I thought that, when I hung my snow man quilt, it would ward off the attack. It worked last year, and the year before. But now I am making square snow flake designs. Oh dear… and it is so much fun. Have I created this blizzard? Maybe I should unearth some bright yellow fabric and start a sunny beach scene.

A whole week inside and my sewing machine has been busy. I finished the snowflake design and made a peacock quilt for the local shop.

It is now raining and, at last, the roads are clear. It is hard to believe… snow everywhere and the next morning nothing. Wow… I’m outta here…look out grocery store!(and fabric shop!)

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4 Responses to I’m outta here!

  1. Tam says:

    Like you, I don’t like snow because it creates too much indoor time. I use to like it as a child, also, and have good memories–thanks for reminding me of those! I wish I lived close to you. I would be motivated to create with cloth. I am a very amateur quilter–love the rag quilt and have only done one real quilt–very hard for me without an instructor/friend nearby. Right now, I’m at loose ends and wish I had a reason to make something. I love shopping for just the right material. Keep telling your quilt stories. You are very talented in many ways.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I just love the stories that wind through others and then connect up with today too, like this one. And today, I love “found that when you stand on the skis, they move, and you fall down.” You have such a clever way of writing funny! I love the snow, play in it, etc., but in Denver we just occasionally receive a blizzard, but mostly it’s just nice & sunny, or barely an inch falls, like today. The rest stays in the mountains! Someone will be lucky to receive that beautiful quilt as a result of your being snowed in!

  3. Love the story that you weave through time. The pictures are gorgeous. Can you believe all that snow one day and the next nothing? Love the title and ending! Happy shopping!

  4. Mrs. L says:

    You were all set…
    “We have electricity and food, (and a basement of fabric and yarn.) ”
    I hope you used the time off for some rest, relaxation, and creations.

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