It’s(now)…it’s snow…a quilt project

The Christmas festivities are over and  I am back on my sewing machine piecing fabric into what might be called quilts. I keep getting new ideas and find myself scrounging around in my basement looking for just the right fabric for my newest inspiration.

This week my inspiration reminds me of the cutting of snow flakes we did in grade school. Instead of a hexagon shape, I am using a square. I saw a block of the month quilt idea in a current magazine and investigated the project online. For $90, I could buy the patterns. I didn’t even look at the price to get the fabric package. I have ordered Block of the Month sets before. I did finish one. I have ordered kits and have made some of them. I don’t even want to think about the kits stashed away waiting for inspiration to work on them. This would be better… no kits, no buying fabric… I’m just trying to replicate the design from the tiny picture and make the blocks.

I fold and sketch what might be the design, and cut and open up my square snowflake.  What fun. They are all wonderful. I made the first one red, like the picture. Now I am making each one a different color. I have no idea where I will go with this or how many I will do. When I get to the sewing machine I stitch around them in a close zigzag stitch. They resemble the Hawaiian quilts I have seen, but those are hand appliqued. Who knows where this will go.

I love getting ideas from magazines and trying my own tilt on them. I see star designs, and run to the Mac and try to replicate what I see. Sometimes I get a quilt made that I like. Sometimes I pile the tops in the car and take them to the local shop that finish them and donate them to various organizations. Someday, my kids are going to crawl through a pile of these quilt tops and find a home for them. It was nice when  my last-minute plan to make a “quillow” for Phoebe this Christmas led me to my UFO pile where I found the prefect top to finish for her. So, it isn’t all hopeless… and the fabric is waiting in the basement and the quilt magazines keep coming with new ideas.

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2 Responses to It’s(now)…it’s snow…a quilt project

  1. Tam says:

    Your stash of quilting fabric sounds lovely. I love shopping for material–so many possibilitiies. Keep us posted on what you finally decide to make this year–what a legacy for your children!!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    They look so, so beautiful. I wonder what design you will choose. You’ve cut the design so well, & it looks so intricate! Glad to see you’re back quilting again, winter fun with snow!

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