Rain, Rain go away,
Come again another day…

Well, there’s a pretty good chance you will get what you wish for if you live in the northwest. In fact the poem should be re-written into
Sun, Sun show your  face,
Brighten up this gloomy place.

Rain is a common topic of conversation at this time of year. Hard to know why. It is there most of the time. Not the torrential rain we had in Florida. Not even a downpour, just a constant drip drip such that, when traveling in the car, you turn the wipers on occasionally.
You grab your rain coat to stick in the car but only use it if it rains harder briefly,  and even then a few drips as you run into a store are hardly noticeable.

Memories of a rainy day:
Katie, age four, stark naked except for her brand new red slicker and hat jumping up and down in the “puggles” as she called them.

Rainy days as an aid at an elementary school. A horrendous pile of kids in a tiny gym running and tossing basket balls and the principal standing beside me to offer some control in the kids behaviour, wishing that by the next recess it would slow down on the rain so we could be outside.

Pouring rain at the school in Florida ,such that the school van arrived at the class room for gym period and drove the kids to the gym two blocks away. But when the van delivered the kids back to the room, the boys would stand under the dripping down spout to cool off before returning to class… soaking wet.

Rainy days on the Cape when we would play sardines all over the house, invading every closet and nook we could find.

Now when the drip ceases and the clouds reveal the sun, I find myself apologizing to the sun as I pull our shades, it is so rare to see it. The shades are like dark glasses and reduce the glare but still give us our lake view.

And we all realize what a beautiful place we live in when “the mountains are out” and we can enjoy the tall green trees and green mountain sides. I guess the rain is worth talking about after all.

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3 Responses to rain

  1. Linda Baie says:

    My daughter has visited friends in Seattle often & says you can tell who the tourists are; they’re the only ones wearing rain gear or carrying umbrellas, as you described. You do have such beauty there because of the rain, & we in Colorado have the sun, but the rest is often so brown because of drought. I guess we must often take the bad with the good. I like your memories, especially that of Katie in only her raincoat. Jumping in puddles here is a tremendous treat, & often only after snowmelt. Thanks for making me think about climate & memories!

  2. Tam says:

    I’m surprised you’re not talking about snow this time of year. I know nothing about Washington state. We have the snow right now and the weather has warmed up off and on, creating rain instead of snow. I would prefer rain–you don’t have to shovel it!! Yes, climate does have its memories, so the next time I shovel, I’ll think of the good times instead!!!!

    • fran mcgown says:

      We have plenty of snow on the mountains. You only have to drive 30 miles to have snow. So my theory is, why mess up our roads with snow, if you can get it if you want it.
      When we do have snow, it is pretty, then gone. The best kind. (now watch us get a blizzard tomorrow. 😦

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