Christmas memories 2011

Lucy, age 8, was to receive some kitchen gadgets from my daughter so I made her an apron and chef hat knowing of the other gift. Lucy is a prima donna and immediately put on her hat and apron and announced she was the chef and was ready to cook something.

Thanks to her other grandma, she was advised she could make banana bread. Memé went to the kitchen to oversee the operation as a banana was sliced and applied to a piece of bread and a little sugar spread on the top. Lucy blew a whistle (also a gift her parents might be sorry I gave her) and announced the banana bread was served.

Phoebe received a “quillow” from me. The surprise as she opened it was wonderful and her mom helped her open it to its full length. I then told her to come to me, “It has a secret pocket,” I announced with a half whisper.  All eyes watched and Lucy was right there looking as I tried to find where I put the secret pocket…. some secret! We then tried to show her how to lie down and put her feet in the pillow opening. Great giggles as she tried to walk with her feet inside.

The older grandchildren watched calmly. I wondered if their minds wandered to future days when they might witness such shenanigans of their own kids, or maybe they were  just happy these little scamps will go home at night to their parents who get to hear the whistles, enjoy pancakes á la Chef Lucy and  untangle Phoebe  from her quillow.

Once again it was a wonderful Christmas.

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One Response to Christmas memories 2011

  1. Linda Baie says:

    The pictures are priceless, especially that first one of Lucy, looking so very happy in her new chef’s hat & apron. What a great gift, & the banana ‘quick’ bread is funny. It looks like your Christmas was very merry. Happy New Year!

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