I’m never gonna grow up

Phoebe came for a visit today. Her dad and Sea were going on a short boat ride and I was delighted to have Phoebe stay with me.  I wondered what we would do when she came. I had just had some time with her sister when we invaded the fabric bin and did some sewing. But Phoebe is a different sort of girl. I wasn’t sure what would interest her. She is usually here with her sister and Lucy tends to steal the show.

Phoebe arrived with a plan. We started with a little knitting. She is knitting in school but she was having trouble with my slippery needles. In her school, the class started by making the needles first; I am sure they were not as slippery.

I asked what we would do next.  “Paper dolls,” says Phoebe. I used to love paper dolls. I would play with them endlessly as a child and make clothes for them.

“What do we need?” I asked.

“Paper, scissors and crayons. I”ll get the crayons and we will work in the sewing room.”

I tried to find some paper dolls I knew I had stashed somewhere and did find some very tiny dolls . I found some cardboard and glued the fragile paper dolls to it, and cut out the dolls. Phoebe colored some of the clothes which were on the sheet ready to color. They were very tiny, so I drew a bigger doll….it looked like Phoebe, of course, brown hair and brown eyes and then a Lucy doll with blond hair and blue eyes…..ooops, Lucy has green eyes. Phoebe dictated the color of the outfits. I put a stand on the back so they could be propped up.

We played for a good two hours, me drawing and Phoebe playing with the dolls and making them a house.

When she was tired of the dolls, she helped me clean up and then got out the Legos and was happily making her village with a palm tree and a boat and talking for the little Lego people. Dad and Sea came home to find this happy play. I think we both had a wonderful time.

Her dad may have thought I was taking care of Phoebe, but it was more like Phoebe entertaining me, playing with paper dolls and watching her talk for them. My old childhood returned. I’m never gonna grow up. Kids have so much fun.

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3 Responses to I’m never gonna grow up

  1. gkpbroke says:

    Thanks for sharing! Reminds me of how I would spend time with my Grandmother & now how my daughter would go spend time with my mom! Precious memories!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I believe that children keep us in the moment because with other tasks, we always seem to be thinking ahead, scurrying around doing many tasks, etc. I love hearing that you played with Phoebe. It seemed to be a special afternoon with paper dolls around. Lucky you that she likes that sort of thing & is imaginative too.

  3. Mom – you bring back some very vivid memories for me. I remember the 6 of us crowded on the Cal 25 (for the rest of you that is a 25 foot sailboat – not really all that big for 6 people). Bill was engaged being “crew” for dad (or whatever boys did on boats). Sia and I were the “little girls” and you made paper dolls that looked exactly like us, with clothes that matched what we were wearing at that time. How I wished I had saved some to pull out and kindle more memories.

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