the magical thinking of an eight year old

“There’s a vampire in the basement,” commented Lucy, 8. who was visiting me, as you can guess, right after Halloween. I went down to find out what the growling sound was. I was sure no vampire had escaped the trick and treating escapades. In fact we had had no visitors on Halloween which is quite common for us. (Now I can enjoy the candy I had bought “just in case” (what a shame)

The noise was our pump room. Our water comes from the lake we live on, directly through a pipe and into a filtering system in our basement. I had to agree. It does make gurgling sounds. I assured her that this was what makes our water safe to drink… which, of course, led to a discussion of how her water is also safe where she lives.  (The town water also comes from this lake but they have a huge system for the whole town.)

I love the curiosity of these children. I don’t live with them so their why and when and what questions are fun to answer. Lucy,  in particular, often asks the meaning of words.

Lucy was the only one with mom today because of a doctor appointment.  Phoebe was at school. Lucy, one-on-one, is delightful.  She ran to my fabric box which I set aside just for her. She had brought a stuffed animal and wanted to make a kimono and cape for her. The pieces were not big enough so she was directed to the basement where I had set aside bigger pieces – which is why she heard the vampire sounds. She was snipping and cutting to make  a dress for her animal. She made an outfit cutting arm holes where needed and tying a sash to keep it on. I wish I had taken a picture. It was really very clever.

We set up the small sewing machine so she could make a bag and it was fun to watch her struggle with threading the needle… with success (I can’t do it). She  was relatively patient , though I did quote the poem –

Patience is a virtue,
Possess it if you can.
Seldom found in woman,
Never found in man.

(man and woman lines can be interchanged easily)…..or…

Patience is a virtue,
Virtue is a grace,
Grace is a little girl,
Who wouldn’t wash her face.

(Lucy liked this one better, but try and explaining virtue and grace)

As we were working two adult eagles were perched on the neighbor’s dock. We often see them soaring over the trees but rarely see them perched. We pointed out the pair to Lucy. “Are they getting married?”  What else could one suggest- two birds in tuxedos standing side by side.

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One Response to the magical thinking of an eight year old

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Oh my, there are so many sweet parts in this about your time with your granddaughter Lucy. I love the vampire story, the fact that she thought that but I also wonder was she teasing just a bit? I can’t wait until my own granddaughters are old enough to do some projects with like her time with the fabric box and making clothes for her stuffed animal. It brings me back to all the things my daughter & I made for hers. She wasn’t much of a doll person, but those animals definitely lived! And the little poems, I think they were created to teach lessons, but thanks for sharing. They are wonderful, & I remember my own grandparents saying little rhymes like this. Finally, the eagles-you live in such a special place! Thanks for the lovely words!

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