no place like it

It’s good to be home, back into my rut, back to grocery runs, cooking, laundry, the bi- weekly swim. It was good to get away to appreciate home, my comfortable chair – as opposed to trying to find a place where I could read with my feet up. And for me, the scenery is just as good. Life on a lake is pretty nice.

We woke up to a fog the first morning and it felt like I was on a deserted island. When the sun finally broke through I was reminded of the mountainous land scape. Our river trip displayed tall buildings and beyond the cities, the flat lands emerged with slowly changing tree colors along the river banks. I had forgotten how flat the land is. I grew up in the east, I should remember.

The first morning we were home, I headed to the grocery store and when I headed home I could exclaim loudly “the mountains are out”. Mt Baker in all its glory formed a white cone above the tree line.

I sat at my sewing machine to continue a project I had started before we left and went back to the daily routine of TV and sewing. It felt good.

Our dinner wasn’t as good as the ship food, and there was no chatter among people we had barely met, but it was nice to just eat quietly without straining to hear over the chatter in the room. I am reminded, once again, that I must look into getting hearing aids.

Today, my friends, the Otterbees, return. It will be nice to catch up on what I missed, though I don’t expect any wild stories. We are all in our own ruts and we like it there.

And an added bonus today: we watched a baby otter on our dock, take to the water and climb up on the neighbors dock. What a treat! They must know we are “Otterlanding”  … but I wish they cleaned up after themselves!

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6 Responses to no place like it

  1. Linda Baie says:

    What contentment! We just returned from a trip, too, & I know just how you feel! Being in my comfy place is so right. I like your ‘mountains are out’ and ‘we are all in our ruts and we like it there.’ I didn’t know you had otters-what a treat to see. Living on a lake is paradise. We did once and still remember…

  2. Tam says:

    No place like home, however humble–I do think that’s why people get away. Thanks for the otter sighting.

  3. Donna Smith says:

    There is nothing like your very own rut! I breathed a sigh of contentment for you!

  4. Ruth says:

    Home is a very good place. I love how you captured it here….love even more that you shared it with us. Thanks!

  5. It is fun to hear “rut” in a different light…a positive light. Home is a wonderful rut.

  6. MaryHelen says:

    Love your mountain picture. Beautiful. I smiled listening to you share about home. Home is where you are comfortable. I too like the ‘rut’ quote. 🙂

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