we took a trip aboard a ship (or two, and a bus, or two…)

We have just returned from a two-week trip. (Amelia has been filling my slice from previously written trivia while I was gone). We needed to go someplace. It had been two years and we were settling into our aging rut long enough. The trip required a ship since Sea is a boat nut from way back. The ship had to be small… not one of those huge floating cities. No long and tedious flights. We found what we thought was just right.

We would fly from Vancouver to Toronto and then on to New York City. We are accustomed to air port security but for some reason providing our passports dozens of times seemed a little over done. Finally we were in NY and were greeted by the ship arranged transportation to the hotel. It has been a long time sleeping at sea or lake level and now we were on the 39th floor… wow, all those tall buildings. It reminded us of our preference for small towns over big cities. We looked forward to getting back to water level in the morning.

The ship was to leave NY, drift past the statue of Liberty and head up the Hudson river, the Erie Canal, Lake Ontario, St Lawrence Seaway and the Saguenay River  and return to Montreal for the flight home. Perfect! We would see the fall colors and enjoy the river travel.

Irene intervened. The hurricane caused a lot of damage along our path. The canal was impassable all the way. I can imagine the stress the company had trying to find a way to salvage this trip and others. So when we arrived on board the Grande Caribe, we were aware that things would change. Each day we learned of the changes from the cruise director. We would berth one night at a secure port with a view of a dump from the ship. We were unable to leave the ship unless we took the tour of the city of Albany. We had already missed some of the picturesque towns before then. We would miss a trip to the antique boat museum, one of the reasons we took the trip. But the sun was shining, the passengers were pleasant people and the food was great.

One of the solutions for the closed canal was a transfer to another ship on the other side of the damage. So we left the Caribe with all our gear packed and ready for transfer and got on a bus. Imagine our surprise when the announced trip was to Cooperstown NY. We would see the baseball museum, the farmer’s museum or Fenimore House. We could hardly contain our laughing. Sea was born and brought up in Cooperstown. He told everyone about the town, what they could see. It is, in fact, a beautiful town, but what would we do? The solution was to contact a nephew who kindly found us an out-of-the-way place for lunch and drove us around the lake catching Sea up on family and who lives where in the town. We rejoined our bus at the end of the day and were taken to our new ship, the Grande Mariner. (I might also add I was in need of a dentist and Ctown was the perfect place to take care of my aching tooth.)

The Grande Mariner was  the same as the Caribe. The routines were the same. Their passengers had taken the same transfer and were headed down the route we had just taken.

The weather continued to be with us. We were above the canal damage. We enjoyed the lectures of the area and the cruise along the waterways. The one thing we would miss is the Saguenay River. A small bus trip was arranged for those who would rather do that than a tour of Quebec City so we opted for the ride.

We are home, somewhat disappointed but it was a change of scenery and it got us out and about. We are already talking of a trip through the Great Lakes next year. In time we will forget the disappointment and will remember the sun setting over the lake and the  fall colors just beginning to appear.

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One Response to we took a trip aboard a ship (or two, and a bus, or two…)

  1. Linda Baie says:

    You are so kind to be so patient to those managing the trip. I guess they were trying to do their best, but it seems that you might have been notified earlier in order to cancel if you wished. The trip still sounds great to me, but I didn’t grow up in Cooperstown! Glad you did get away and enjoyed parts of everything!

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