puzzling about fashion

The current fashions are a puzzle.

I made colonial dresses for my two granddaughters for their trip to Williamsburg and began to puzzle about fashions. The dresses were ankle length… so the boots and pink sneakers show the more current fashions. The ruffles on the long sleeves will certainly be smudged with spaghetti sauce or mustard from a hot dog. Then I attended a concert at the girls school and noted the clothing worn at school these days. Spaghetti sauce or mustard will hardly be noticeable on the current wear!

I have been looking at old pictures of my family when they were little, and at old pictures of me when I was a child. There isn’t a significant difference. Dresses, lots of smocked dresses.  I made smocked dresses for my girls when they were little.  Amelia’s preschool teacher asked me to put her in play clothes and I had to tell the teacher those were her play clothes.  I made them again for my granddaughters but they said “no more” before they even turned five.

The boys are another matter. When I was a kid and when my kids were little, boys clothes fit: waists were at the waist and, in school, the shirts were tucked in.
Now boy’s and even men’s pants hang down such that a little action is required to keep  them up as they walk down the street. Then there are the girls with underclothes showing under outerwear.

Who are the fashion designers?   Why do little girls have to wear pink or purple? Perhaps because that is all there is in the stores. Maybe some little girls would like to make a choice. I took Lucy down to my fabric stash to choose fabric for one occasion and was told vehemently that all my plaids were boy stuff. Girls don’t wear plaids. Well, I bought these plaids long ago for me… and I am a girl.

Sizes are another puzzle .A  friend told me she used to wear size 14, now she wears a 10… and she has not lost weight. I was looking for women’s pants in the catalog…there is one length for women’s pants. Men, on the other hand, can choose from quite a list of lengths… explain that. Sleeves on women’s shirts are one length, men can choose a length.  Again, where are the fashion designers or is if fashionable for me to have pants that are well above my ankles and sleeves that look like mid length but are supposed to be long? I think I will claim I am being discriminated against.

This doesn’t even cover the really “fashionable” fashions. Like the hats at the royal wedding… come on.

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4 Responses to puzzling about fashion

  1. Linda Baie says:

    I agree, I agree, there are some odd things going on in the fashion world. I am especially alarmed at the fact that chlldren believe those rules (like Lucy with her plaids). You’ve covered many questions, but I think you really should address these to the fashion ‘police’ whoever & wherever they are!

  2. Donna Smith says:

    And my pet peeve…why do they make girls’ sweatpants and shorts that have “Cutie” or some other such nonsense posted across the rear? Are we not trying to protect our young girls? And do you remember when it was embarrassing to have your bra strap showing? Now…not so much. (Well, it still is for me…)

  3. elsie says:

    Your piece could be used to fill in Andy Rooney’s spot. Fashion, such an issue for so many. I just wear what’s comfortable and still fits.

  4. Tam says:

    It’s truly amusing what comes back in fashion. Plaids are back in for women now this fall! There are some things I will never buy again–fashion or no fashion! I’m Kate is presenting the classic tailored look. Maybe some of that will wear off on our teens–we can only hope. Thanks for taking me back.

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